O2 FAQO2 is one of the largest digital telecommunications companies in the world. O2 has more than 23 million customers in the United Kingdom and has 450 retail locations. Below you can find the answers to some of the most common O2 FAQ that customers have.

How do you cancel your O2 contract?

To cancel your O2 contract you need to call the O2 helpline. If you are cancelling your contract before it has ended, then you may need to pay an additional charge and you will need to provide 30 days notice.

Why do text sometimes take longer to be delivered?

In some cases text may take longer to be delivered the normal using the O2 network. This generally happens when you are sending texts in crowded places such as at a sporting or other live event. This is because in these situations there are more texts being sent them there are masts available.

How can I top up my O2 pay & go phone?

You can top up your O2 pay & go phone by calling the O2 top up line on 4444 from your mobile phone. You can also establish an auto top-up which will automatically top up your phone on a set date from your bank account.

Why do calls sometimes go straight to voice mail?

If your phone is not registering on the O2 mobile network then any call made to it may go straight to voice mail. This is often due to the nearby mast being over burdened with other calls or a loss of signal in the area. the other common cause is the phone being set to “divert all calls.”

Why do I receive multiple texts at the same time?

Even when texts messages have been sent at different times throughout the day, on some occasions they will be received all at once. This generally occurs when the phone hasn’t had a signal but then finds one. When the signal is found all of the texts will come through at the same time.

Why am I unable to receive a signal when other phones nearby can?

One of the most common O2 FAQ customers ask is why their mobile phone is sometimes unable to receive a signal when other people are able to text and talk. The reason for this is that because O2 mobile phones use radio signals, so even a small change in the location can affect the signal. O2 phones will also have different sized antennas which can affect their ability to receive a signal. O2 recommends that if this is the continuing problem that there may be a fault with your phone and that you should contact their helpline.