O2 Departments

O2 DepartmentsO2 have a wide range of departments, which range from customer support to advertising requests. Many of their departments can be contacted by calling the O2 phone number.

Customer Support

Though you have the option to have your query answered on the O2 website, via ‘live chat’ through their contact page online, you may prefer to call them. There are a variety of phone numbers that can be found through the company’s contact page. These include numbers for calling about payment issues (pay and go or monthly payments), broadband issues, signing up to O2, and O2 travel insurance. Typical calls that might be made include enquiring about a technical issue, a problem with something you’ve purchased, or account-related issues. 

The O2

There is a general contact number for this London venue regarding enquiries, and, alternatively, you also have the option of enquiring via the O2 website. 

O2 Business Workspace

O2’s business workspace is situated in London’s Tottenham Court Road, though you can make any enquiry by calling them.

O2 – Press, Media, Advertising 

The O2 Press, Media, Advertising phone number is a number that can be used 24 hours a day, though a duty press officer will take any relevant call if it’s made outside of office hours. You are also able to make a direct call to O2 media. This number is in place for companies that are looking for help from O2, regarding engaging with more customers. For publlishers enquiring about O2 advertising in their publications there is also a special phone number for this purpose. It should be noted that Zenith Optimedia are the media buying agency responsible for O2’s advertising. Once you’ve called you will then have a chance to speak to an O2 account manager. 

Other Departments

There is a contact number for other departments, and this number is for people who want to contact an individual at O2 directly. 

A complete list of O2’s departments, together with some of their initiatives, can be found on their main contact page on their website.